Father’s Day At The Gyro Shack

June 9, 2019by Seth Brink


With Father’s Day just around the corner – it’s June 16th this year – lots of people are trying to figure out what to get dear old Dad to show their love and appreciation. There are tons of options and pretty much every brand out there is bombarding you with a million gift ideas – but what does your Dad actually want?

Well…. It isn’t another tie.

We would humbly suggest that all fathers really want this Father’s Day is to spend some quality time with their kids, ideally over a delicious meal.

Delicious Father's day Meal

Need convincing? Here’s our top 5 reasons to choose The Gyro Shack for a Father’s Day treat!

  • Avoid the crowds and let Dad relax in his favorite chair – We want to make this easy for you and we know restaurants can get crowded. So why not order online & pick up from one of our 10 Gyro restaurant locations?
  • This gift requires zero planning – no shipping delays or gift bags – so it’s perfect for anyone who operates on a last minute schedule. (No judgement – we know life gets super busy.)
  • If you’re in Washington, our locations in Tacoma, Vancouver and Everett have special offers running – check out The Patch – Washington for details!
  • Not to be outdone by Washington – some of our Boise locations are giving away free fries! Dad’s love fries and they love free stuff too – it’s a win-win! Plus did we mention our new fries are insanely delicious – the Idaho Statesman agrees!. The fries are served Greek style with olive oil, feta cheese and oregano. Yes – they really are as good as they sound. (They aren’t just a special for Father’s Day – this is a new and incredibly popular menu item that is here to stay!)
  • Mediterranean culture and cuisine is all about family. Wherever your family hails from, we’d love to share our food and culture with you on this special day and be part of your celebrations.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! We hope to see you soon.

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